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Thanks for the advice. I should have clarified that I only had the upper timing cover off. Then I decided to take the cam sprocket off, which it slipped off with the chain still on. Then, to put it back I loosened the chain tensioner back, slipped the sprocket back in place (indexed to the cam) and drove the tensioner back towards the chain using the same number of revolutions. Is this OK??? I am not clear about replacing the chain tensioner by "pushing it through and then feeding it back through", especially when the old chain is still in place.
The chain seems just fine. The lower timing cover is in place except one of the top bolts is loose and allows about 1/8th inch of separation of the cover from the block. Is it OK to retighten it back or do I need to take the lower cover off (which requires taking off the harmonic balancer) in order to reseal the lower cover?
Thanks for all the help as the car has been down for three weeks or so and I look forward to it running again.
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