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I own a 78 300 SD w116... I have owned the car for 3 months and just about have it running the way I want it ... My problem,,While trying to shoot Freon ,, I moved the main vacuum pump line. to my horror ,a large peice of the vacuum pump broke off in my hand... Apparently the previous owner JB welded the vacuum pump together... Before this incident my car was running like a top...Now my car won't turn off, and my brakes are stiff.. I called around Houston, my home town and no one has a 3 line vacuum pump.. I have a back up motor , but it has a one line vacuum pump...
Several yards here in Houston have 2 line pumps.. Could I use one of these ,, Or should I try to clean and re-JB Weld the pump back together.... Any ideas as to where I can find a 3 line pump......
Sorry for being so long winded......Thank You ...... Juan
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