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mounting California Plates on 01' S Class

Hey everyone, just recieved my california license plates, and i ran into a lil problem mounting them on the front... turns out the lil plastic thing that i screw the plate into is designed for a german license plate, so when i went on mercedes website, i decides to buy a frame with only two holes on the bottom... well now i recieved a frame with 4 holes, because they don't make 2 holes anymore, and i'm inclined to try and get a new "plastic thing" that is designed for american plates. it looks like it would be cheap, sense it's plastic and jsut pops into the front bumper and then screwed in... i need to know what i'm asking for, and where to find it, and how much it might cost... shouldn't the dealership offer this for free?? thanx for any help you can provide.
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