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Hope you don't mind my asking a question or two along the same lines. I own a 1980 450SEL, 129k miles. I've never changed the chain etc. I have been advised by two very conservative MB mechanics that the weakest link in the chain, tensioner, rails is the tensioner. I will know that it is going when I hear what is basicly chain slap for a few seconds at cold start up and then it goes away. That is suppose to be the chain tensioner, that is normally tensioned one direction hydrauliclly from the oil pressure, now only being tensioned with an operating engine.

Although MB has never officially endorsed the 100k swap out, there are enough horror stories and recommendations from the MBClubA that prudence dictates that a FUD/PM based R&R is warranted.

I've had three different recommendations from three other MB shops:
#1 swap out the chain and tensioner. (least expsensive).
#2 Swap out the chain, tensioner and tensioner rail.
#3 swap out chain, tensioner and ALL of the rails (very expensive $2000+, very labor intensive since the front of the engine must be dismantled).

Okay, this is were I can't muster enough neurons to find the answer. What's the best answer? #2 seems to be the most prudent since swapping out the tensioner rail is a no brainer since the chain swap is happening at the same time and it doesn't require tearing the front apart. I know this is like starting a discussion about oil change intervals, lots of opinions, but thoughts and advice are welcome. Any long term MB mechs want to tackle this one?

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