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4-matic questions

Hi everybody.

A couple of months ago i purchased my very first MB. -A '86 300E modified to appear as a '95 model.

I have been looking for a good MB forum and it seems like i've finally found one!
As a MB newbie you'll have to forgive my lack of knowledge about this car, but i do know how to use the search function. -Which btw. hasn't helped me on the upcoming questions..

When i lift the foot off of the gas pedal during driving, i would presume the 4-matic's clutch would disengage and engine rpm's would drop to idle while the car coasts along. It doesn't! It feels just like a manual tranny where engine rpm's follow wheel rotation during decceleration. Is that the way it's supposed to work?

And when coasting to a stop, the 4-matic changes to a lower gear -with an accordingly slight increase of rpm's, just when the car comes to a stop. -Which is actually pretty hazardous because i don't apply much brake power when easing the car to a complete stop behind the car in front of me (at a red light fx.) And when the 4-matic changes gear, the car leaps 3 ft. forward..!
Is it supposed to work like that?

In short.. Do i need a rebuild of my 4-matic or is this some sort of adjustment issue?

Thanks in advance
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