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1st Problem with my "new" 300SE, of course it's A/C related

Before purchase everything checked out properly and having driven it myself on a VERY hot day, I can personally attest to the fact that it was working very well. Now some 2 weeks later, I turned the a/c on for the first time this morning. On the drive in, the air never got cool. I set the dial selector to full cool (the "min" setting) and also tried it at deifferent temp settings. It definitely knows when I've set it to a temp higher than ambient because the heat workes fine. I tried using the windshield vent setting as well as the other 2 buttons with the up and down arrows so it was not set to "Econ" so that the compressor would not come on.

I drove about an hour to work trying everything including turning the system off, waiting, and then turning it back on. When I got to the office, I parked and let the car idle with the system off. Then pushed the button to activate the A/C compressor and the RPMs did drop slightly (and indication the compressor was working or at least engaging?) but still no cool air.

I did not have the time to open the hood and check on the activation of the compressor clutch. I will check that out tonight when I get home along with all the fuses. The air flow is fine out of all the vents.

Are there any places for me to start as far as checking the system?

I'm having the car inspected next week and could have it checked out then, but I'd prefer to get a better idea myself. It's a 1988 300SE.

Ron B.
Ron Brooks
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