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Greetings W126

I've also observed asking prices of 500e's in general lower vs. 2001 and 2000...naturally as these vehicles age, get used up, are damaged, require restoration, & require major maintanance --prices for these type of vehicles will continue to decline.

I've also noted from feedback here that many have looked into purchasing the lower priced 500e's/ e500's hoping to find a gem but have found cars in need of significant attention to be correct ($).

In fact, there's a 500e on e-bay right now that hints of such a story (for sale again on e-bay ~@1 year of ownership/ purchased off of e-bay previously) this case -sounds like the current owner is pulling the finanical plug on this car in terms of sinking more $$ into it.

also, feedback from those looking to purchase the creme of the crop or very good condition vehicle appear to indicate that this type of 500e/e500 is very scarce to come by in the used car market and consistently command above book/market values.

>a well cared for
>problem-free/ issue-free
>fully maintained
>documented, records
>accident free
>stock 500e/e500

I found this situation to be generally true in the used vehicle market and have paid special attention to it when that downside financial risk of correcting a specialized type of car presents extraordinary financial risk/ committment.

I've looked at quite a few 600SWB's, 6.3's, 6.9's, 280SL's, 280SE 3.5 Cabs, 280SE 3.5 Coupes, W140 600's SEC, 560SEC's, R129 SL's, BMW's Porsche's, etc. and have shyed away from near give away asking prices due to this situation. Naturally I learned my lesson the hard way.

Best regards
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