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Originally Posted by BodhiBenz1987 View Post
It definitely doesn't make a difference to take off the caliper, so I'm pretty sure it's parking brake. When I installed the rotor with no parking brake or caliper, it was easy to turn, with just the load of turning the driveshaft felt.
I took everything apart and tried tapping the dust shield back with a punch, because I figured if it was not all the way back, the parking brake would sit incorrectly. I carefully reassembled the brake shoes, making sure they were centered on that protrusion under the actuator. I also tightened the screw under the middle of the car just enough to take up slack (maybe too much slack is a bad thing?). Results of all the efforts: the driver's side turned a little better but still difficult. After applying the parking brake a few times it then turned almost freely. The passenger side, which started as the harder of the two to turn, actually now turns nicely. I took it for a test drive, everything felt good and I could hear no scraping. But when I checked it in the garage afterwards, the driver's side is again slightly difficult to turn. The passenger side still turns easily. I have no idea what I did right on the one side that I didn't do on the other. I guess I have to take the left side all apart again tomorrow, which is an awful thought. It's much improved from yesterday but it still has obvious resistance.
It would be nice to someday drive this car again.
So if you loosen the star adjuster you can't turn the wheel freely? When I have adjusted my parking brakes it is possible to loosen them enough so that both wheels spin easily.

Did you bed the parking brakes in by making some stops with only the parking brake? You hold the release handle and gently apply the parking brake a few times.
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