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Question on electric connection to the compressor itself

Hopefully I can help you guys help me. I took a quick look at the compressor during lunch today. Briefly, my problem is absolutely no a/c. The blower works fine.

Well, it seems that the compressor is NOT kicking on. I though it was but it is not. I also thought this was the first time the a/c was used in the 2 weeks I've owned it. But my wife just informed me that she's used it twice and it worked fine.

I started thinking if I could have done anything to create this problem. I came up with one maybe. This past weekend I sprayed some degreaser on the front timing chain cover area from both the pass and driver side, let it soak and then hit it well with a pointed hose spray.

Is there any electrical connection on the compressor itself that my spraying or degreasing around the compressor could have dislodged?

Any other suggestions on what could make the compressor suddenly not kick in at all?


Ron B.
Ron Brooks
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