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While I was on the Tow Truck, the driver told me of a 240D he towed last week that dropped a crankshaft pulley the other night--a 240D just like mine.
When I lifted the hood, (1) the outermost Crankshaft pulley had come off, taking the boltheads with it but leaving the bolt stems in the part left on the crankshaft--the part still held on by the big nut. (2) The fan blade had cracked. (3) The A/C condenser was scarred badly.(4) All the belts had been ripped off
What is the best way to take the inner pulley off so I can take out the bolt stems still in there? I tried locking the engine in gear (manual transmission) figuring that would lock the engine, but it didnt. That nut is on thier very tightly. Remember I'm an amateur so please dont laugh but I dohave some ability and patience and most of all luck.
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