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Hi folks!

You are not going to believe this!
This morning my crankshaft pulley decided to give up the ghost! All of my belts were intact, except that the two alternator belts were twisted around the big pulley. I ended up finding the big bolt with its three washers laying in the fan shroud. Needless to say I am shocked and somewhat devistated. There is approximately an inch of threads left on the bolt (with the washers still on). The bolt looks like it either broke or was sheared off...I wish I knew what kind of damage I am looking at (to the car as well as my wallet) The towtruck driver already got me for 50 miles of tow. What would cause this? I replaced the two alt. belts last week, but I did not mess with that big ole pulley, nor did I (in my opinion) overtighten the belts, after all there was an alternator at risk.

thanks for any comments and help!

-Larry (w/o my 300D )

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