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Where to start - cutting out at higher loads

Hey all-

I love my car. But seems like there is always a little something that needs tweeking. A few months back replaced the resistor ends and correct Bosch plugs to correct a stumbling idle. THis is the only ignition work I, the 2nd owner, have done. PO replaced the engine wiring harness under warranty about 10k mi. ago.

I am getting varying degrees of "cut out" when I really get into the gas. Have only noticed this summer. Wondering if it is heat related. I have run several tanks of injector cleaner fluid through, including Techroline and some other. I run pretty much only 93 octane Chevron for pusholine.

What might be causing me to have this sort of sputtering. I am sure it is just a "tuning" type of thing, but where do I start?

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