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HI,i just got my car out of the shop my moron mechanic has had 3 hours to diag a cold start issue with the fuel injection on my 89 300ce,he also installed a fuel pump for me,since i get the car back from the shop he tells me the bottom fuel pump has a leak,i installed it so i know there was no leak,now its leaving a large pudddle in driveway,now get this,it never leaked any fluids,suddenly its dripping red tranny fluid,when it warms up and sits there it leaks out a spot about 3" diameter,i just started it up after it ran out of gas,when to the gas stattion filled it up with super.then i get in my driveway,i like to roll the car back and forth over the snow to pack it down,hmmm suddenly it wont shift into reverse,it shifts into drive just fine,i pull out the tranny dipstick and its way overfilled,since the mechanic has touched it its now leaking tranny fluid,now when warm it is not shifting into reverse,also i just replaced the battery and alternator,i said to myself hmm,let me place it in park shut the car then try again,to my surprise wow the battery is dead hmmm?what now new alternator new battery,the tranny is not going into reverse and then boom dead battery,am i cursed or is my car posssesed???? any ideas,i think that jerk off mechanic has been milking me for money,ive had it up to my eyes.will and overfilled tranny with hot fluid not shift into reverse,is there an electric solenoid on the tranny that shifts it into reverse,please any input is greatly appreciated.marc
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