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Please Help Benzmac!


My 95 E320 is now showing a code 40 out of socket 8 as of yesterday. At full throttle, in first gear, it will hesistate around 4500 to 5000 and then shift at 5500rpm. Second gear at full throttle it will shift at 6400 with no problem. It almost feels like vapor lock but I'm not sure if any of the benzes suffer from this.

When the engine is not fully up to temp. it will accelerate fine in first all the way to 6400 with no hesitation, but as soon as it warms up things change. I replaced the fuel filter several thousand miles ago so I believe that should be fine. Also I had a stumbling idle last week that a new 02 sensor fixed.

The car has 155k miles on it and usually goes like hell with no problems but I seem to be having a bad luck string with it this month!!!

Any ideas?


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