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Originally Posted by Billybob View Post
Hey all, I just wanted to take this opportunity to nominate this thread and the OP for the.

PeachParts Golden Wrench Award

for effort and accomplishment above and beyond the call of duty in the service of maintaining and appreciating these fine automobiles.

In that the OP took on and accomplished an undertaking of significant seriousness and complexity. That said undertaking involved multiple interdependent vehicle sub-systems and in doing so the OP was confronted by numerous technological and mechanical obstacles many of which required new skills, new tools, new outside of the box thinking and most importantly a highly developed willingness and determination to ultimately prevail in this endeavor.

That this undertaking can be objectively viewed as “one hell of a job” far in excess of the piecemeal R&R procedures most PeachParts forum members are willing and able to perform.

For all this I say congratulations and a job well done by BodhiBenz1987 and any and all who have contributed in any measure to this accomplishment, it is a testament to the collective skills, knowledge and willingness of everyone

(Insert raucous clapping and back slapping here!)
Awwww ... thanks ... . I'd like to emphasize the part about how others contributed. I think it goes without saying I would not have gotten very far ... heck, I highly doubt I would have attempted it, if not for the help and encouragement I got here. You guys went out of your way to explain things and help me through the unexpected hurdles. Hopefully this thread will also help others who do this project (or similar jobs) in the future. It covers a lot!
I posted this separately, but in case you guys didn't see it, not long after I finished working on it yesterday, my dad gave me a call and said he found a box of stuff that goes with the 300D (it was his from '87 until he gave it to me in 2003). It was the original window sticker, along with some other goodies! Box of nostalgia for my 87 300D ... a well-timed reminder of how special this car is, and worth every bit of the effort!
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