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How do I remove the electrical connections to the a/c compressor?

This is a 1988 300SE. OK, I looked at my non-activating a/c tonight. I cleaned off the outside of the connections. Still no activation of the compressor clutch. I would like to take off the connections themselves and clean them to be sure they are making good contact. Problem is, I don't want to break them in the process. Looking from above on the driver's side, it appears that there are really 2 different connectors. The top most has 3 wires running from it and there is a second connector below that one that appears to be separate and it has 2 wires running from it. The only other wire I see connected to the compressor is the ground. The ground is tight and I cleaned it.

My wife said the a/c worked fine last week on 2 occasions. Now the compressor will not engage.

I checked the fuse block under the hood and none are blown. On my car #5 is for the climate control and several other items. I assume that "climate control" is the a/c?

Can anyone tell me how to remove the 2 clips?

Oter than that, any suggestions on where to start checking? Odd that it worked fine and now the compressor won't engage.


Ron Brooks
Ron Brooks
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