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The 603 engine is a marvel to own. My '86 300SDL is probably one of the most enjoyable cars I have driven. The 603 is a very smooth, quiet diesel and is easily serviced. The available torque moves the car along very nicely, especially at lower elevations where turbo lag is virtually nonexistent. The increased interior space in the long wheelbase models is extremely nice to have on long trips. The car has been impeccably reliable, in part because it has been regularly serviced. The one area to keep an eye on is the EGR system. Make sure the EGR valve has been 'modified' to prevent coking of motor oil on the valve. If coking occurs, pieces of it can break off and be aspirated by the engine where interference between the piston/carbon/head can result in a very slightly bent rod that is hard to detect. With this caveat, I would expect the 603 to be a very long lived engine.
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