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jerry s
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S 600 followup: Thanks group

Just heard from Enrique yesterday re my s 600 "blown engine" (see prior post) The engine was not blown, just had a leaking seal in cylinder 9 so that oil and/or coolant entered the engine, which produced the smoke. He cleaned out the carbon from the leak and somehow sealed the piston without even replacing it. Total cost about $3500, as opposed to the $6000 Boise estemated on the wiring harness, which wasn't the problem, and the $28000 they estimated to replace the "blown" engine if the wiring harness didn't fix things, which it would not have. I really owe you guys, especially the ones who warned me about Boise and recommended Enrique. Always a gentleman on the phone, called constantly with updates and he was more concerned about the cost that I was. I guess once you look $28K in the face for a car worth $35k a few thousand seems like pocket change. Still very disappointed that MB would not speak with me to give advice, though. Enrique told me over the phone without even seeing the car that Boise was wrong and the engine could not be blown from what I described; he owed me nothing -didn't MB owe me the 5 minutes it wouold take for a techie to give advice? Guess not. Thanks again guys.
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