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This story makes me sick. It appears to be the norm not only for MB but dealers of just about every other manufacturer. There needs to be more control from the manufacturer of its franchisees. Once a guy has exhibited sufficient net worth to buy a small island and the business accumen of Tony Soprano, he is granted a right to sell the manufacturers car. It seems like what the dealer wants to do is to service the car thru its warranty where it can get the maximum reimbursement from the manufacturer. Then it wants you to trade it in and start the process all over again. It will take your car on trade, certify it and issue an extended warranty, add $10,000 to its bottom line, and make a killing off you again. They basically don't want to work on older cars, leaving it up to us to find a reputable independent to get our money back in utility from the car. They run us off, not by saying they don't want to work on it because there isn't enough money in it for them, rather they stick you with an absurd repair estimate. I'm not going to buy any more new cars from dealers nor have them serviced at dealers until I reach the point that I have more money than sense.

That will be $0.02.
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