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Which relays....what were they called?

apparently due to the incessant rains, there was some moisture/condensation on the pertinent relays of the affected components
As for the mesh, the AMG mesh isn't any different than what I've seen at the hardware store other than it is coated (powder or some type of rubberized polymer). Find a powder coating shop there then checkout the local hardware or specialty store and get some stainless steel mesh to your liking then have it coated.
Pre-fit all the pieces before having them coated(Both the panels and the mesh for greater durability against chipping/flaking). I used some black silicon(I'm sure clear would do just fine) and siliconed the mesh to the panels from the back side..

Lastly, I'd be remiss if I didn't offer to sell you a pair of wiper motors should you choose to go back original. I have 2 sets as I removed wipers from both cars during their conversion processes.


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