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Boy, has it ever been raining out here on the coast of Northern California. Really really coming down. The other day, I ran out between the raindrops and jumped in my trusty 1986 300E. Well, after I shook my head like a wet dog, I tried to put my key in the ignition to start my car. It wouldn't go in. If I didn't know better, I'd say there was another key broken off in there. Well, I just kept trying at different slight angles until it went in (it took about 1 to 2 minutes) Then it didn't want to turn. Persistance pays off and it finally started no problem. I talked to a friend who told me to put some silicon in there to lubricate everything. In my old Chevy pickup, yeah sure. In my Benz, I need to consult the group...
Have any of you who choose to live in wet and cold areas ever had this problem? Is it just the lubrication that it needs? It makes sense to me... I mean I've done it to old master locks to make them work better. If so, what type of lubrication is best for this? WD40?

Kyle De Priest
1986 300e
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