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Angry 95 E320 Stumbling Idle

I have the same problem as JetForeman who posted in this Forum few days ago. For the last few months, my 95 E-320 w/63k miles sporadically stumbles at idle only when in drive. a/c on or off no difference. After a intial stumble, it will idle perfectly. That is until I go to another stop and then it happen again. The car run fine and it has never stalled out. I took it to the MB dealer. First time, they told me that a MAP connector was loosing, they reconnected and charged me $130.00. The problem did not go away. Complain to service manager, brought the car in second time. They told me that water was in cylinder #5. They clean it and they told me the problem was fixed no charge. I took it home, and the problem comeback. Please help me.

JetForeman, if you read this message, please let me know how do you fix your problem.
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