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Anyone interested in front 320mm SL600 brakes?

Hi all,

I found a set of almost new 600SL front brake calipers and rotors for sale. These are the 320mm directional rotors used on the 1994-98 500SL and late 93-94 500E, as well as the 600SL up to 1998. I've been trying to find out if they will bolt up with no mods to the older (86-89) W124 hub & knuckle. Nobody seems to know for sure, I don't know if anyone has even tried. [According to the EPC, it may work, I'll post the details if anyone asks.] Anyway, if they don't bolt up, I'm not going to "make" them fit by swapping on the 500E hub & knuckle.

My question is, how much are you guys (the 500E nuts ) willing to pay for a set of these calipers & rotors? Because if they don't work for me, I'd sell them. But I don't want to pay much more than I could re-sell them for. If you don't want to post publicly you can send me a private email at the address below. All I have found in the archives are people selling the older 500E brakes (300mm, non-directional) and those prices probably don't apply, since the 320mm stuff is a LOT harder to come by. Any info would be appreciated....


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