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Hello, I'm looking at a 93 500SEL with 146k miles on it. I drove it yesterday and the ride and suspension seemed just fine, there were no leaks anywhere and it tracked straight; exterior is good, interior is good, all systems are functioning...rear brake pads recently replaced but due to a fualty sensor the brake wear signal light flashes sometimes, even when not braking...must be rattling around a little.

According to the sellers he has reciepts for recent work done which includes new cap, rotor, wires. As far as I know, no valve job has been done. I ran a carfax on it and it had two PO's, the second having had it from 49k to its current state. I met the guy when he traded it in for a 97 S500 and he turned in an extensive set of service records, and from the looks of it (he was an elderly gentleman in the Air Force) it seemed as though he took good care of the car. It has 19" AMG monoblock wheels with new tires mounted.

Anything I should know/ look for/ ask about before I make a decision? I've read about the 92-93 recalls so I'll have to find out if the front suspension has been touched or not. When driving it, it tracked straight as an arrow with no noticeable "shimmy."

If anyone that's familiar with the used car business and MB's feel free to throw out some numbers as well...they were asking 29 but I said 25. Going back to check it out again monday, will take it to an independent mechanic to have it checked out. What's the most mileage you techs have seen on 5.0 140's? Thanks for any help you can provide.

Chris Singh
1983 300D 200k+ (stopped odometer)
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