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THIS IS IMPORTANT: Please, please, please do not replace your lines with anything but cooler lines from the dealer. The genuine OEM parts will actually have the Mercedes star stamped on them, and probably will say "CONTI" on the rubber. I unfortunately bought my hoses from an on-line Benz parts place (not Fastlane), and they sent me a part which they claimed was OEM. Within about 50 miles the rubber part of the hose ruptured and would have cost me my engine had I not stopped and noticed all the oil under the car before I ran out of oil or pressure.

Don't play games. Buy your hoses directly from the dealer.

Interestingly, the lines were stamped "CRP," which, after a little research, I discovered is the U.S. affiliate of Continental (a German company). Why the same company would make the same hose for our cars of varying quality I don't know, especially considering the consequences.... I sent my ruptured line to CRP in New Jersey and they said they will refund my money.

'84 300D, 166k
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