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Black Mercedes - Good Point

You are right on target about the "time" vs "mileage" issue. Several enlightened (experienced) senior members of this forum have made similar comments.

As to how I drive the car, it would be fair to say that moderate is not it. We average 100 or more mile per day... about 60 miles are freeway driving and the rest are big city - hard stop and hard go.

I have been extremely pleased with the over-all reliability and dependability of the vehicle. And, except for the wiring harness and some intermittent A/C and dash cluster anomolies, I've not really had any serious problems.

One More Thing:
It's always amazed me that such a mild looking car - with a six cylinder engine (I'm a product of the muscle car era) - could be so darn quick. A friend of mine just purchsed a new High Dollar BMW (well over $50K complete) and my little C280 does a pretty good job of running down the road with him. He was more than a little p'd off.
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