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Well, I am the proud owner of this "new" 500SEL!! And I must say, after two days, I am very happy with it...the levels of fit and finish even over my 1990 300E are unbelievable and what with the cost cutting of the w220 it makes me wonder if there will ever be a benz as big and bad as the 140...not that the 220 isn't a wonderful car, mind you!! The car pulls so well and is so smooth and actually handles much better than I expected, especially with the 19" AMG monoblocks and Pilot Sports...(looks like tire replacement will be pricey!! In a way maybe it's better that the ASR is stuck "on" so I won't be tempted to burn the tires!)

The car "sneaks" you from 0-60....the feeling of acceleration is almost washed out in the state room of an interior but the muted 5 liter mill still sounds good, and the smoothness is unreal...60-110 is where the car shines to me, eating up asphalt with a vengeance and tracking as stable as a train on tracks...

I just pulled fuse 3 and 9 and my door/trunk close assist work now, the AC pumps hot and cold, and there seems to be no shimmy...I guess for now I should knock on (burl) wood and hope that none of this develops...from the look of the paint I'd say it was garage kept, and the PO took great care of the car mechanically...I have a work order for rear break pads and a oil pan gasket seal that has a tiny leak which will be taken care of this weekend...after that hopefully I should be worry free!!

I'll post some pics of the car soon...oh and btw, one of the PO's (there were two)rebadged the car as a 600SEL V12 which I rebadged S600 (the magic of dental floss and "goof off" residue remover)...I don't think I feel the need to do the "true" badging yet but maybe one day my nose will start growing and I'll be forced to do it

Anyway, thanks guys and especially Fred Berry for the tips on what to look for on the car...hopefully I'll enjoy it for years to come.

Chris Singh
1983 300D 200k+ (stopped odometer)
1990 300E 123k
1999 E430 12k
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