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Is there play in the steering box? It is adjustable.

Do a simple test of the toe: Line up the tire on one side visually with the rear tire; so that you can sight across the tire surface on the front one and see that it lines up perfectly with the surface of the rear one. Now look at the front tire on the other side. Does the other side line up with the rear? Is it slightly outside of the rear tire (very slightly is good IMO)? Or is the sight-line hitting the rear tire (bad)?

You can do the same with the rear tires looking forward, IIRC the front and rear track are the same. The toe in the rear should appear to be zero, the front with no spreader bar should be very slightly toed-in, almost impossible to see.

This is provided you have no bent rims and the car has rolled into its parking place (not just lowered from a jack) also.

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