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Smile thanks mr master guild

Just wanted to thank you for the reply. I rechecked my crank sensor pattern and it was fine. then I tapped in to the power feed line before the ezl unit and it would have 12v unplugged.
Then when I plugged it in it would dropped to 4v. Anyways I
I found the voltage drop across the ignitoin switch. I bypassed the switch with 12v and it started. the new switch will be here tomrow.
thankyou again for your help. I am a honda master, toyota master,ase master diagnostic. I have about 2 years a mercedes
dealer but now I am at an independant and getting technical
info on mercedes is hard to come by for me . If I could email you for from time to time with a ? or if you could give me an idea where to find some info it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again brain b
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