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Which Engine Block Coolant Hose Is Cracked or Loose?

1995 E320 / M104


Driving home last night I saw steam under the hood. After parking and opening the hood it was rising from the back of block from somewhere below the oil filter. The hood pad and the back of the plastic intake cover were wet, as if sprayed from below. Coolant level was about a pint low.

It appears I have a crack at the top of a hose since it does not leak when the engine is off or idling, but will shoot coolant straight up when rpms exceed about 2700 rpm, which I can see with the hood up and sitting in the driver's seat, revving the engine.

From what I can tell from my reading here, the possible hoses are the ATF collant (one of the two hoses is rubber??) or a heater-to-engine hose.

Am I missing any -- and is replacement straightforward if that becomes necessary (and if it is not just a slipped hose).
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