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Just yesterday, a thread here turned me onto EPC-net Online (, it's a free MB Electronic Parts Catalog. Once you sign up you can put in your VIN and look at virtually every part on your car. (i don't know your specifics, but the relays for the 202.029 chassis in the area you describe could be wiper, fuel pump, aux fan, return flow pump, headlamp washer, and more.) Absolutely awesome once you get the hang of navigating and the diagrams (parts explosions are great). For no charge--really nice.

Next on the budget would be About $30 for a year (additional cars are less, 3 year is around $45). Access to TSB's, some step-by-step (not as good for my C230 as it was for my 560SEL, but enough to help some).

Those two resources plus this forum have saved me time, money, and wear/tear on my body!! Good luck.
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