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126/560 SEL ABS light and Idle

Hello again!

My ABS light comes on after about 2 minutes of driving and stays on for the duration unless I happen to turn the car off. I saw a couple of posting about cleaning the ABS sensor and that it was under the hood - I can't find it in the engine bay for the life of me - please help?

I read Tangas' post and fixed a major idle issue by pluggin a small vacum line back in just below the air filter assembly. THANK YOU!

However, there is a occasional shiver the car experiences. It runs very smooth and solid and even when warm, it will shiver on occasion. I have used FI cleaner and have looked around to make sure all vacum lines are intact - they are.

Thoughts, advise please?

I think it isn't the OVP as the light comes on after about 2 minutes - it seems I need to reset the ABS and make sure the sensors are clear - dunno how and where these are though.

Lastly, there is a slow leak in the ac hose that goes into the drier - i have the part, seems easy enough to do, but given that these are pressure lines - is this a DIY? The mechanic wants 250 - replacing this part and recharging with R12. Thoughts?

Thanks much !
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