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Well, I think I have room for ONE more car in the stable (the TR6 is being sold), and I can't seem to stray away from Benzes for too long, so I have been considering a '52 220 sedan. I've never worked on any of these, nor have we seen any in at the shop. It has the M180 straight six (overhead cam) and four wheel independent suspension. Pretty advanced for a car of this era. Anyhow, my question is: Does anyone out there have any experience with these W187 chassis MBs? What should I be looking for as far as body rot, etc..The car in question was brought over from Germany about two years ago and does run and drive well according to the owner. He said it needs light restoration work (paint job, some mechanical) but the body is solid overall. I thought someone once told me to check the box sections under the doors for rot, but I can't remember if it applied to this particular chassis. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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