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'86 300E Sunroof Problem - Help!

I went to open the sunroof to the vent position today and heard a funny"clunk" noise. When I looked up at it, the rear of the roof was raised up ok, but there was an odd-shaped black bar protruding forward from the right side at an angle about 2-3 in. On closer examination, it appears to be the bar that the cable is attached to that actually pushes/pulls the sunroof into position. It looks like one or two of the small bolts that attach it to the rear of the sunroof came out from the RH side somehow. It doesn't appear that anything is broken, but I'm not sure how to get at it. It looks like the inner rear fabric piece has to come off. Has anyone had this happen before? Are the bolts likely lost into the bowels of the car? Can they possibly jam something if I don't retrieve them? Do I need to remove the whole sunroof to get at this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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