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See, that's what I thought too. HOWEVER! The E420 brakes are used on the E320. The E320 uses the same hub, knuckle, and steering arm as my old 300D. The E420 and E500 use the SL500 hub & knuckle. Therefore, the E420 brakes should bolt on (no mods) to older (86-up) W124 models. It also makes it look like dimensionally the SL500/600 and E500 brakes should also bolt up, since the E420 and E500 use the same hub, knuckle, & steering arm. I suspect the V8 models use the SL parts because they are stronger, not because there are dimensional differences.

But again, I can't find a single person who has had a 320mm caliper & rotor in their hands and personally attempted to bolt it up to a 6-cylnder car (only the V8's use the SL hub/knuckle.) All I ever hear is that so-and-so says this, or that the hub & knuckle are "different" (which I already know - but not HOW they are different.) Now, doing this on a W201 is another story, I haven't investigated that at all... but if E420 stuff bolts up, it sure looks to me like the 320mm stuff will too (under 16 inch wheels or larger).

Details of all the part numbers for each model are here (save to your desktop, then open with Microsoft Excel - may not open in your browser
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