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I've had an ongoing problem with this car with hesitation with rapid and full throttle advance. Spark - OK. Cylinder pressure - OK. Exhaust backpressure - OK. So now I'm looking at fuel delivery and am at the fuel pump relay test with the following results.

step 1.0 - OK, pump runs with pins 7,8 bridged
1.1 - 5.45 volts, pins 9,11
1.2 - 6.54 volts, pins 10,11
1.3 - 3.78 volts, pins 11,8
1.4 - ok

The circuits are not open but it looks like they soon will be. Is there a common place to look or do I need to continuity check each wire now.

by the way, the fuel relay module has the MAS sticker on it, Correct????

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