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First post old question

I have a 1980 300TD non turbo. I have browsed the search section, to no avail. Same question with a slightly different car:

Heat all the time, blower does not come on when selecting a/c high or low, unless selecting bilevel first.

Vaccume seemed to test fine with the pushbuttons removed and plug sealed, but it leaks with the pushbutton installed. Temp sensor appears to be new and tubing is brand new (even says Goodyear on the new rubber tube.)

Temp runs cool with the climate control amp unplugged and hot with it plugged in.

A/C servo under the hood is new!!$$ I can't get the compressor to turn on but I think that is a question for another day!

I appologize for the length but I have run out of lower cost items. Is there a way to test the Climate control amp? The 12 pin can be tested on an '82, but can the 8 pin be tested with an ohm meter?

Anything would be a big help at this point. Thank you for your help in advance.

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