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1 VERY specific KLIMA question on the 126

Still working on my non-engaging a/c clutch on my 1988 300SE. I removed the KLIMA relay and the "board" has 12 holes. One row numbered even and one odd. I turned the key on, set the system to full minimum temp and jumped #5 to #7 and the clutch engaged. So, now I know the compressor is OK. It's just not being switched on.

Here's my question. With the KLIMA relay removed, I noticed something very strange. I'm wondering if I am missing one of the wires that goes into the "board". While all the 12 holes in the "board" are numbered, not all of them have these brass colored receptacles. Some are merely empty holes and some are not holes at all, but rather are sealed closed. But, there is one constant thing. EVERY male post that comes off the bottom of the KLIMA relay when inserted into the "board" goes into a female brass colored receptacle. EXCEPT one that is.

I noticed that the bottom of my KLIMA relay has a male post that goes into hole #12 on the box, but there is no female brass colored receptacle in hole #12. There is simply an empty hole. I'm wondering if somehow I have lost the wire and receptacle that went in #12. I don't see any wire and I don't know how it could have come loose, but it is strange that every post has a corresponding female brass receptacle except #12.

My car is a 1988 300SE. If someone could pull their KLIMA relay and let me know if #12 has a brass colored receptacle I'd appreciate it. Seems strange the relay has a post that makes no electrical connection.

Ron Brooks
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