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I don't agree with you. Programa may be the actual manufacturer of the pump that MB sells thru its dealership. By buying direct you don't have the huge ripoff markup that MB and other OEM add to their parts.

Example: One time I needed a new armature for an IH starter for my tractor. IH dealer cost was $99. Same exact armature from Delco Remy, the manufacturer, sold thru a Delco parts store was about $50. IH bought the part from Delco and doubled the price selling it thru their parts network.

Now someone would say that the $99 armature has to be better than the $50 one. But they were exactly the same part. Repair parts are one of the biggest ripoffs there is. The OEM know they have you by the balls when a part is available only thru them and they like to squeeze.

That's why I avoid buying parts from MB. I only buy from MB what is not available somewhere else. MB says "Keep your MB all MB" but the truth is that most parts in a MB and other cars are bought from subcontractors and some of these subcontractors sell the same parts to the public that it sells to the OEM at much lower prices thru places such as Fastlane.


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