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Replaced rear muffler rubber hangers

Ugh, that was a ***** to do! My arms are really sore from trying to stretch the small rubber donuts from one hook to another. I got some cuts and scratches from doing it too. Using a hydraulic jack helps somewhat by pushing the muffler closer to the undercarriage, thus closing the distance between the body hook and the muffler hook. I paid about $6 for these two rubber things. Performance Products has them for $.85 a pice, but I couldn't afford the wait. Needless to say, I got mine at the dealer. The wait for a parts guy was just as frustrating as the installation. And then waiting in line to pay for them was just as bad. I don't know, but it seems like everyone is so stuck up at the dealer.

Anyhow, on another note. I got this digital M-B tire pressure guage. I am amazed at its accuracy. I compared the readings with a mechanical guage, and it pretty much matched up. It was $20 well spent.
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