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As I said before, I'm not familiar with the specific carburetor your car has. The enrichening system, sometimes called a power valve or economizer valve, can be built in several ways. It will probably consist of a diaphragm that is vacuam actuated (to be precise it is actuated by the lack of vacuam causing it to enrichen the mixture). There is at least one carburetor that I know of that uses a piston and spring in a bore instead of a diaphragm.

You need a good manual on that specific carburetor and/or do some exploratory surgery. If you have never really messed with carburetors, you may want to enlist a good fuel system mechanic for the job.

I read one time that carburetor was a french word that meant "don't screw with it".

Have you checked to see that the accelerator pump is squirting fuel when snapping the throttle open?

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