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Old 02-16-2000, 09:04 PM
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Larry, I'm stumped. The accelerator pumps are OK, re-checked the carb/manifold mounts for true, checked gaskets and all openings are aligned, primary/secondary and idle jets are clear, bowls are sparkling clean, air filter is 2 weeks old and no obstructions in the cleaner, vacuum advance OK and apparently working, timing/dwell/idle mixture/plug gap/idle RPM/carb balance all right on the money - so what gives?
Please give input as to the likelihood of the following unchecked areas:
* bad coil
* bad intake/exhaust manifold gasket
* what am I missing?
If a suspect is the intake/exhaust manifold, I've looked at the mounting bolts and they look extremely awkward to reach - any tips to make removal easier? I'm keeping a stiff upper lip here, but my persistence had better start showing some results soon!
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