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You will have a softer ride and more body roll in a 300TD wagon than in an E Class.

If you want to reduce the roll let me suggest you install Koni adjustable shocks and find a heavier front sway bar. You may want to consider installing V-rated tires as well.

I should stop here and engineers and just about everyone will tell you not to do this, but you could even try cutting one coil off each spring. That will lower the car about 1.5" and stiffen it all around. I don't know if you will have the clearances needed to turn the wheels and for the suspension travel if you do this. If it doesn't work or if it is too harsh you just replace the buggered up springs with a used set of 300TD springs purchased at a junk yard. Maybe someone knows of sport suspension products for a TD but, I've never found any.
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