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I have the "official" MB Zenith carb tuneup book so when I get home (yea, had to work on a Saturday - software upgrade stuff) I will post the numbers you should have. I will look at mine (I still have them) and see if they say Solex anywhere. BTW, I think the part you are talking about (triangle shaped item on top of the carb) is used to apply a vacuum to the automatic choke unload piston. I will check that also. It has been a while since I looked at the zeniths. My Weber conversion was $550.00 total and I got it from a place I would not recommend (and I won't name it here). One thing I didn't like with the setup I got was they used plastic ball-ends on the linkages. After I broke one and had one fall off, I replaced them with std. MB metal ball-ends (at about $1.50 each - cheap). I suggest you contact JAM Engineering on the West Coast ( One problem I had with my Webers was that they were not jetted for the MB and it took me quite a while to get it sorted out. John at JAM will see that the carbs are set for your application. The 32/36 Webers are a fit for many applications and each carb is jetted for a SINGLE carb application on 4 or 6 cyl engines. When you put on two carbs it requires ALL jetting to be redone. The carbs come with a conversion kit that will allow a direct bolt on to the stock manifold and also will allow the use of the stock aircleaner. Webers have a rectangular top so there are two adaptor plates. Kit also includes new linkage and fittings and new insulator blocks. JAM gives a 25% discount to MBCA members. I did replace the stock aircleaner (last year) with a pair of K&N's. I think the Webers are worth the investment. As CMcon98 says, the Webers are mechanical and they really are fool proof. The automatic chokes are also much easier to adjust since they face outboard to the fender and not aft towards the firewall. I use slightly different choke settings for summer and winter.


Dan Taylor/ Tulsa, OK MBCA '71 250C/'81 300TD-T

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