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Old 02-19-2000, 05:22 PM
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Thanks guys. Pulled the exhaust/intake manifold off this morning (pain in the rear) and found something unexpected. Inside the exhaust manifolds, there is a plate valve that is attached to a spring and some type of counter-weight (spring and counter-weight on the outside of the exhaust housing, flap on the inside). One of the flaps is stuck shut, blocking the exhaust passage, and the other doesn't move very easily and has a broken spring. This setup looks like an intake pre-heater since this section of the exhaust manifold is bolted to the intake manifold. I'm going to clean it up and see if I can get it back in working order. The gasket is in better shape than I thought with no burn-throughs. One concern though - there is a significant amount of oil residue in the intake passages. Would this be normal considering the amount of backfiring through the carbs, or is there something else going on?!
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