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Talking w124's head is off, now what?

This site is so great!

I used the manual in conjuction with the posts I printed from this site and it came off without a hitch. My buddy thought I had done this before due to my indepth knowledge.

I removed the pin from the chain guide and removed the head without breaking the guide. Getting everything apart was easy, putting it back together should go smooth. the manual is very clear, and if I can give one tip, have the correct tools, if you do not you will waste time and break things. The head took 6 hours to remove.


I was going to use gasket remover spray to get rid of the old stuff as well as some break cleen. Any thought or tips.

The injectors had caked on carbon like deposits..brake Kleen againg for these?

I was then going to give both surfaces a quick pass with some super fine scotch brite pad.

Any recomends onthe cleaning process would be great, i do not want to make a stupid mistake now. I read some guy polished the cylinder heads? I don't really want to go that far.

I have taken pictures and some video that I plan to make into short quick times for certain trick aspects of this job.

It is satruday night and I hope to get started tomorrow.

Thanks again for the posts, and paul, thanks for the extra tips.
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