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I've run my 124s on many tires since I bought most of them used. The original tires IIRC on my '91 were Michelins, I've also had Continentals (OE on the early 124s), Goodyear, and some Chinese junk (all replaced with Michelins).

Where I will strongly agree that good tires will make the car handle and ride better, none of these tires caused my cars to wander. If all is tight and right in the suspension, I'd love to inspect it visually, as mentioned in one of my earlier postings on the subject, and suggest changes as necessary. The alignment printout is useful, but if the spreader bar isn't used, ... the printout is not accurate.

Are the tires and wheels the correct size & offset? This also can cause wandering as the steering offset is affected, ride height will also affect alignment.

If the steering box hasn't been touched, it might be worth the effort to adjust any play out of it also.

Once the snow is gone and our cars can go out and play again, we need a midwest get-together.

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