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Originally Posted by gsxr View Post
'Scuse my French, but I call "bullpucky" on that. Brand new tires causing the problem? I seriously doubt it. At the risk of repeating myself, I would strongly recommending having the car aligned at a MERCEDES DEALERSHIP, nowhere else. Request the before & after printout which will look like this - you want "all green" for the "after" section.
He wasn't saying that they were causing a problem, but that they were causing the car to have a different "feel," which I was noticing. It's certainly possible he just missed something, but it's not like he was trying to sell me new tires or con me into something (he didn't charge me for anything) ... I'm just clarifying I don't think he was trying to BS me. That said, if you guys think I should doublecheck, I should probably doublecheck. Maybe this is a dumb question, but if it goes to the dealer and the alignment is already correct, do they still charge you the full price? I.e., can they just check it?
And yes, it'd be great if you guys could take a look or a drive. I kind of feel conflicted because obviously I respect everyone's expertise here (I wouldn't have finished the project without it, and I know you guys have a heck of a lot more experience than I do), but I also respect my mechanic's expertise (he's been at this for some 40 years, and played a large role in the fact that this car is still on the road), and no matter what I do I feel like I'll be disrespecting someone's advice. It would be an easier choice if the car felt horrid, but it just feels ... different. And I know I'm losing a little in translation as I try to describe it.
I guess it would be best to just take it to the dealer as recommended. Hopefully they won't wonder why I didn't follow their last bit of advice about my car:

babymog, the steering play has never been adjusted AFAIK, though I can thumb through the records to check. That may be a good idea too. Will search for the procedure tonight.

To share a positive thought, I can't get over how quiet and smooth the car is on shifts and when accelerating ... I still instinctively brace for the thunks and clunks and they don't happen. And I'm sure it's partially because I've been driving the 240D instead the past few months, but the 300D is such a missile when I want to pass people on the highway.
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