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A bunch of 126 questions

I have a few questions and I hope you all can give me the answers----
1- Where might I find a fire extinguisher and or bracket for the front seat
2- I have 295,000 km on my car, where and how do I apply for the appropriate grille badges
3- does anyone know of a plug or filler for the ft. licence plate holder holes after removing the plate holder (euro bumper)
4- at what point should the timing chain be replaced on a 500 sel
motor and is it really a weak spot in this engine
5- what is supposed to go in the other rear package shelf compartment, I have the first aid kit on the left
I have asked a few questions here in the past few weeks and have received little input on one and a put down reply on another I am hoping for some honest help. Thank You Scooter
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