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Trouble With My 190e 16v

Hey everyone,
My 1987 190e 2.3-16v has a couple problems I would like to share with you, perhaps you'll have an answer for me. First, is the idle, it idles at a healthy 1000rpm, but the whole car shakes, I feel like I'm riding in a motorcycle, this happened, coincedentally when I changed the oil...perhaps I did not install the oil filter correctly? Second, while driving I occasionally have a problem with the oxygen sensor indicator light coming on. This happens only when it's cold or on long drives. When it comes on the car chokes, or does not perform well at all, you step on the gas pedal and there is no power. Something strange I found out was when the light comes on, if I rev it to 6000rpm, the light goes away...really odd. Third, I was driving to San Jose, and decided to see what the car could do, I took her up to about 130mph, and heard a pop from the rear! After this incident and for the rest of the drive up, and back down to my home in Los Angeles, the car vibrates, and in general has a horrible ride...I remember crusing at 90mph down the freeway and it felt like I was going 45, the ride was so smooth, now I'm utterly confused. Thank you to those that took the time to read this.

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